Debt Advice for Our Area

As local residents we have become increasingly aware of the problems of debt in our part of Leicestershire and the close areas of Nottinghamshie and Derbyshire. Although we have been operating a debt counselling service for over 7 years, we approach the problem of debt with humility. It is our goal to provide the free help which will remove the burden of debt.

We understand how a problem of debt can be unnerving and threatening. We promise absolute discretion. The files are kept under lock and key in a locked room. All papers are shredded before disposal. All the computers are passworded and and we use a secure web based private cloud. office.

We do understand the need for discretion and secrecy. What happens to your information is under your control. We will ask you for written permission if we feel that some matters have to be shared.

The bargain is that we must behave in a way that allows the client to trust us, and the client must be completely truthful. All the team both advisers and backup staff have DBS checks for this kind of work.

All the members of the team have a strong Christian faith, and we are doing this work as a loving act of Christian service. However we also pledge that FreeDA is open to members of all faiths and none. There will be no pressure for any church involvement.

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