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Why we we need your Help

Debt counselling is a two way process between client and adviser. You can only be helped if we work together.

Certain documents need to be checked by law and we will provide you with the list of what is required. Sometimes they are just unavailable and we have to find ways of working round the situation. Having the right document is the quick way, work arounds are much slower even where they are possible.

When we start to work together you may well have carrier bags full of documents and we will probably arrange some sort of drop off of papers. We will take them and scan them and arrange a bulk return of documents.

Later on there will be the occasional letter and we would like to ask you to take photographs with your mobile phone. These snaps will save us all a lot of time and expense.

Mobile Phone Document Photos

  • Put it by a window in good light
  • Lay it flat
  • Check the whole document is rectangular and not distorted
  • Check you can see the whole page in the view
  • Check it is in focus

When it is OK, WhatsApp it or email it to us.

Send it as an attachment, not in the body of the e-mail. For even better results use a scanner app such as CamScanner, Office Lens or TurboScan

When you do it Right!

When you correctly scan a document to us you will typically save a week in the time it takes to sort out your debt.

Other ways you can help

We want to make the process of coping with your debt as simple and quick as possible.

One problems is getting a document signed. Traditionaly either you would come to the office and sign in person or we would post you the document and then you would post it back signed. Given the COVID situation it is not possible to come to the office, and the alternative has built in postal delays, hence, we have a problem with the prompt signiture of documents.

The ideal is to get the document signed on line, but this needs to be legal. Fortunately the British Government passed legislation in 2017 so that we can now operate over the internet. You can open a link with a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and sign the document digitally. When that is done we are sent a link to say the document is signed. We can then move on with your case. Typical timing for this is less than an hour.

So don't be surprised if you are asked to join the 2020's by signing your documents on line. Don't worry we are still there to explain anything you don't understand. Remember never sign anything you do not understand and if you don't agree don't sign.

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